#FashionFriday: New Year’s Eve Dresses at Every Price Point

Photo Credit: Margaret Murphy

Photo Credit: Margaret Murphy

New Year’s Eve — An evening wrapped in a singular sense of magic and excitement conjured from the depths of our sentimental souls. I think even the most cynical of people can understand the impulse to romanticize this particular night. It offers the potential for a new beginning, a promise that things can and will be different if you make a cognizant decision for it to be so. It’s hardly a concrete turning point, yet it’s become an unofficial bench mark of accomplishments and failures within the various chapters of our lives.

My 2014 chapter was, not surprisingly, filled with a series of joyful highs and frustrating lows. I danced until 5 a.m. at U Street Music Hall with the greatest people I know, had my heart broken for the second time, took a life-changing trip to Iceland where I explored untouched nature, abruptly lost my job, found an exciting new job, and experienced so many small successes and setbacks in between.

Like most people, no matter how hard I’ve tried to avoid thinking back on the past year, I couldn’t help myself. I found myself watching every video I took at Ultra Music Festival, recalling the important conversations that pushed me to stand up for myself, and reliving every moment I spent laughing with Anita in our couch cloud. That was when I realized that no matter how many crappy things happened, these were still another amazing 12 months in my life. And now, with a little less than a week left in the year – and the joyful madness of Christmas behind me – I too have inevitably turned my attention to New Year’s Eve.

I may not have a 2015 resolution in mind yet, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t given extensive thought to what I’ll be wearing! After all, there’s nothing more fun than dressing for a festive occasion and New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse to buy a feisty little party dress. In my case it will likely be another perfectly-cut pair of black skinny pants. But if I’m itching for a different look, there’s a white tuxedo dress on Nasty Gal (see under $200 section) beckoning me to hit purchase.

The best New Year’s Eve dresses aren’t necessarily the most ornate or risqué, though if that’s your shtick, this is the perfect occasion to own your style. Some people like to break the bank and purchase something totally unique, others prefer to remain frugal and buy an outfit that can be worn again with ease. Personally, I think there’s a balance of wow factor and usefulness that can be achieved without spending a small fortune. Yes, some of the dresses I’ve chosen are a little over the top, but none of them are so inaccessible that they would just sit in your closet for years to come.

So, whether you’ve had the best year of your life – or eagerly await the arrival of what will hopefully be a much happier one – embrace the opportunity to add a fabulous new piece to your closet. Though it’s frequently argued that New Year’s Eve is just another night, who cares? Take advantage of the night’s excitement to buy something that makes you smile. If you need a little inspiration, these looks will carry you from chic house parties to wild club outings in style.