If you’re working on MLK Day, cheer up! There’s a new Kanye track to make everything better

Last week I wrote about Kanye West’s incredible single “Real Friends” and Erykah Badu’s badass remix of the track. Like all Kanye fans, I was disappointed when Friday Jan. 15 came and went without a new drop — but thankfully Yeezy hasn’t forgotten us, he was just a little delayed in granting our wish.

This morning Kanye uploaded the full version of “No More Parties in L.A.” featuring Kendrick Lamar, produced by Madlib. This marks the first time Kanye and Kendrick have ever appeared on a track together and it doesn’t disappoint.

Kendrick may have garnered all the critical acclaim in 2015 for his flawless album “To Pimp a Butterfly,” but on “No More Parties in L.A.” Kanye proves he can easily keep up with the best rapper in the game.

Kanye’s new album “Swish” drops Feb. 11.


What’s better than new Kanye? Nothing. But this Erykah Badu remix comes damn close

Though plenty of people might disagree with me, I believe Kanye Wast is the greatest artist putting out new music today. From ambitious projects like “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” to turn-up anthems like “All Day” and sweet ballads like “FourFiveSeconds,” he’s proved himself to be as fearless as he is talented — completely ignoring the boundaries of familiarity. Nothing he does is redundant and it’s certainly never boring. He may be a complete ego-maniac, but he’s earned those bragging rights.

So when Yeezy put out a new track last Friday, his fan base (myself included) went completely batty. “Real Friends & No More Parties in LA” is stunning. It’s actually two songs in one; the former features Ty Dolla $ign, the latter features Kendrick Lamar. I heard the first leak and just left the song playing on repeat, too afraid to refresh the page for fear it would be taken down (which it was). Thankfully the forces of the internet are very powerful when it comes to disseminating a Kanye leak, and the song kept popping up somewhere new every time it was taken down. Eventually Ye put it up himself on Soundcloud and everybody breathed a collective sigh of relief and satisfaction.

Now that we’ve all had time to listen to the original roughly 1,000 times, it’s of course natural for remixes to start pouring in. But only one of those remixes is worthy of attention because it comes from the one and only Erykah Badu. This morning she released “Trill Friends” on her official Soundcloud page, an intriguing rework of Kanye’s latest effort.

It pales in comparison to the original, but it IS Erykah Badu, so I’m gonna go ahead and posit that this is the best remix we’re gonna get.

On the bright side, Kanye’s new album “Swish” is set for release Feb. 11. Bless up.