Turn Up Tuesdays Vol.13: New Major Lazer & DJ Snake, Jack U, George Maple, and So Much More

Lots of artists dropped new tunes this week, so for the first time in a while it was hard to decide what to include on this little ten-track list. My personal favorite is the new Major Lazer track, it’s been on repeat for the past 24 hours. Take in these sweet, sweet tunes today xx


Missy Elliott’s Jack U Remix is the Only New Song You Need to Hear This Week


Songs evoke so much more than just a melody when you hear them. They trigger memories, bring back former loves, and even encompass entire time periods in your life. Perhaps that’s why most people in my age demographic completely lost their minds when they heard that unforgettable opening to Missy Elliott’s hit track “Work It” drop during Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show performance.

When I hear Missy, I remember my middle school days in Miami. I remember hearing that infamous beat from “Work It” blasting from phones in the hallway as preteen students walked from class to class, a pop in their step because you couldn’t hear it without wanting to twerk (and yes, Miami was already twerking in 2002). I remember hearing it at every party where I was still too awkward and shy around boys to actually dance with any of them, but had the best time dancing with my gal pals. Cooties, amiright?

Those are the memories and feelings that all came rushing back in the split second moment I realized Missy Elliott was about to become the Super Bowl MVP. I couldn’t be happier that her tunes have been experiencing an awesome resurgence since her halftime appearance. I hadn’t listened to her music in fuh-eva myself and I’ve been jamming to them for the past few weeks.

And so, to say the least, I was ECSTATIC when I trolled Soundcloud and realized that Missy’s back! Well, sort of. Not with original music, but with a dope remix of Jack U & Kiesza’s “Take U There.” It’s got the Missy flavor we all know and love on a very different kind of track for her.

Twerk. Twerk. Twerk.