Weekly Mix Vol. 22: Tensnake, Gigamesh, Oliver Nelson, and Flosstradamus

Summer is here! It’s 90 degrees in DC and jeans have finally been swapped out for sundresses. Frolicking season is finally upon us, so don’t you need some good tunes to accompany you on all those warm walks this week?

Yes, you do. So here’s this week’s edit. It’s got plenty of upbeat summer remix action and a few new original tracks — from Tensnake, Sam Gellaitry, Oliver Nelson, and Gigamesh.

With so many “BBHMM” remixes surfacing in the past few weeks, it was really only a matter of time before the original trap dons, Flosstradamus, reworked Rihanna’s amazing track. It’s everything a Floss fan could possibly want. They stay loyal to the song’s original vibe and add their signature insanity-laced drops throughout. It’s not the best remix the duo has ever released, but it’s still fresh as hell.


Turn Up Tuesdays Vol. 18: House Heaven

Since I shamefully dropped the ball on uploading a new playlist last week, I spent a lot of time carefully picking this week’s tracks — and I included a couple more than usual!

It starts off with deep house vibes, moves into more progressive beats, and ends with a trap bang. Personal favorite from this week is the new track from prolific Swedish DJ, Jeremy Olander. If you aren’t familiar with him, I suggest listening to his Group Therapy Radio Guest Mix from last year. It’s only 30-minutes long, but you can get a strong sense of his unique sound. He’s gaining a following in the U.S. now, so hopefully if we close our eyes and wish really, really hard he’ll appear in DC for an extended set sometime in the not-so-distant future.

Get at this week’s playlist, right here:

If you’re as into trap as I am, you should also check out Flosstradamus’ “Soundclash EP,” released over the weekend:



Turn Up Tuesdays Vol.15: From Trap to Deep House, It’s All Here

When I heard the Flosstradamus remix of O.T. Genesis’ unexpected hit song “CoCo,” I almost had a small seizure sitting on the bus. This track is an absolute banger, which is why I deemed it the perfect intro for this week’s playlist.

As the tracks progress, this compilation flows into some groovy deep house to finish things up.

Happy rest of the week : )

Turn Up Tuesdays Vol. 5: The Flosstradamus Edition

If you’re a trap fan, you’ve undoubtably been following the kings of the genre, Flosstradamus, for years. Natives of Chicago, Josh Young and Curt Cameruci have helped transform and catapult trap into the massively successful enterprise it is today. Blessed with an unrivaled ability to seamlessly fuse sounds from around the world with early 1990s Southern hip hop styles, this duo played a huge role in lifting trap from the underground to one the most popular genres under the umbrella term ‘EDM’ — a term I loathe for its vagueness, yet can’t help using for its all-encompassing simplicity.

Tonight (and tomorrow night…) I’ll be in the 9:30 Club crowd getting down to the sweet sounds of Floss. Yes, that may make me a groupie, but I couldn’t care less. Each of their sets is totally unique and somehow always in sync with the crowd. You never know what these two will drop. Plus, things tend to get a little out of hand. If you listen to their Ultra 2014 set, you’ll hear a distinct moment at 26:25 where a provocative request is made of the ladies in the crowd, and let me tell you, as a witness myself, plenty of ladies happily obliged. Who doesn’t love that sense of the unexpected?

In honor of their DC show tonight, and generally how dope they are, here are my favorite Flosstradamus tracks and sets. So even if you’re sitting in a chair at work PUT THOSE WARNING SIGNS UP /!\

And if you aren’t a trap fan (I’m really confused and sorry for your loss) don’t fret, there’ll be plenty more tunes up on the blog this Friday!

Live at Ultra Music Festival 2014
If you listen very close, you can hear me in the crowd screaming


Unearthed Vol. 2 [2012]
The drop at 16:28 is still MY DROP to this day


Roll Up


United Kids of the World (Flosstradamus Remix)


Mosh Pit


Lana’s Theme


Underground Anthem


Look at the Sky


Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix)


Hood Fantasy