Fashion Friday: How to Look Chic at an EDM Show

The transformative nature of music has always had a unique effect on the fashion it yields. From the dirty grunge of rock and roll to the flirty silhouettes of American pop, the music we listen to inevitably affects the way we dress – even if only for one night at an amazing show. As my girls and I gear up to see Dillon Francis tonight, I started thinking about the expressive nature of the EDM culture. Wild outfits planned weeks in advance, neon-colored furry boots, and bold makeup are just a few examples of the sights to behold at these events. But as I inch closer to my mid-twenties, more closely defining my own sense of personal style, I can no longer imagine myself running around a venue in neon spandex and feeling okay about it.

So, what’s a girl to do? Is there a way to look eclectic and fabulous at one of these shows without looking like an old fart that doesn’t belong? Oh yes, there are plenty. You can feel confident, comfortable, and chic as you dance the night away under those strobe lights and lasers. It’s not surprising that most of these compilations are black (or some variation of black) but you really can’t go wrong with a streamlined, modern look. Even at an EDM concert. Here are a few looks so that you can rave for your age:

1) I love the contrast of a sleek crop top and sporty track pants. Full disclosure, I am obsessed with these bottoms, they give the outfit a little boost of kitsch that’s so appropriate for a rave. Paired with a pair of colorful wedge dunks, this look is basically perfect.

2) Layering a sheer top over a simple bra immediately elevates the sophistication of your look. Over a pair of faux-leather shorts you’ll look super sleek. Add a gold chain for a fun effect and boom – you’re ready to take on the night.

3) This one is a bit cheeky (quite literally). The sequined booty shorts are definitely only for those brave enough to bare their bottom. The contrast of textures with a cropped flannel shirt adds a fun element that really stands out in its originality. Personally, I’d pair this with thigh-high leather boots, but it would look just as adorable with a pair of white converse.

4) You can’t go wrong with denim, so why not choose a pair of unique jeans to rock for the night? These are a high-waist, ankle-length, distressed pair that add visual interest to the look. Pair ‘em with a sculptural crop, short silver chain, and leather cap for an updated take on schoolyard cool.

5) Okay, okay. I know that not everyone is on board with overalls. But I love these. Wear a lace bra underneath for a sexier take on this American staple and incorporate a gold choker for even more sex appeal.