I grew up at the intersection of two distinctive, and very different, cultures. On the one hand, Americana — everything loud, bold, bigger. On the other, French Simplicity — minimalist, laid back, refined. My own personality falls somewhere in between. Those two seemingly opposite ideologies fused into one whiskey-imbibing gal who loves nothing more than to throw on an All Saints jacket before hitting up shows that vary from trap and deep house, to blues and indie rock.

Music runs deep through my soul, and my dad remains my favorite artist of all time. I was always mesmerized by his ability to play anything he heard. Completely self-taught, he didn’t even know how to read music! He simply possessed a sensational ear. We’d spend hours in the garage together, re-recording our favorite Stones tracks or creating our own versions of the day’s popular rap tunes. My dad contributed 90% of the effort, but I’ll never forget how much I loved just being surrounded by music.

So, cliche as this may sound, this blog is for papa. The person who sparked my musical interests, and happened to be the most fashionable man I’ve ever known! It’s taken me a long time to actually get it together and start this project, but my dancing dimples are ready for their experiences to be known — and I hope those experiences are treated as an open forum for conversation.

I can usually be found about town with a Beam on the rocks in one hand and a YSL clutch in the other. Hopefully my love of leather and bourbon will now have a slightly higher purpose. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. As a blurbon lover myself, I just wanted to say “awesome blog!” I really enjoy reading about all your musical experiences and am definitely inspired. Keep up the great work!


  2. Hey I really really like your blog. Very good in-depth reads on the evolution of dance music. Thanks for the mention on one of our remixes too! Proud to represent DC. Thanks!

    -Djeki & Fotche

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    • Hi there! Thank you so much the kind words 🙂 Sorry for the delayed response I (clearly) haven’t been very good about updating the blog lately. Hope to post more of your music in the near future, and please let me know the next time you play a DC venue!


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