Five Trap Artists You Should Be Listening to Right Now

Whenever I tell people I have a blog that focuses primarily on music, I usually get asked the same question: “so, who should I listen to right now?”

It’s simple, yes, but also puts a lot of pressure on the respondent to provide an intriguing answer. You can’t name a popular artist because then you come off as unoriginal, but simultaneously you can’t give too far-fetched an answer because then you run the risk of being labeled a snob. But if you’re me, you completely freeze up under the pressure of providing any answer at all.

I spend most of my day with headphones on, listening to mixes, albums and singles of genres ranging from deep house to new metal (and just about everything in between) but when I’m put on the spot, it’s suddenly difficult to remember those hours spent happily finding new music. The pressure of that question triggers a flood of information to my brain, drowning my ability to pick out any one fact.

So, in an effort to better answer that question, I’ve decided to spend more time writing about great up-and-coming artists I think people should be listening to. This week’s edit is all trap music because I’ve been posting a lot of tracks from this group of musicians. Some of them will definitely sound familiar if you listen to the weekly mixes!

Instant Party!

23-year old “Kenny” is killing the remix game. When I first heard “Hoodrat Anthem” my gut reaction was “Ho-ly shit.” The synth lead is perfection and as it progresses you know you’re in for a banger of a track. In the last six months he’s remixed some of the biggest names in music including Kanye West, Flume, and Tiesto. You can find him on Facebook and Soundcloud.


Based out of Toronto, this guy caught my attention with his dope remix of “BBHMM.” Of the many, many, many remixes of Rihanna’s song, the Krs. version is my favorite. Yes, even more than the Flosstradamus remix! Everything I’ve heard from him since has been just as great. He has a unique sound that comes through in everything he does that’s easily recognizable. You can find him on Soundcloud.


Seamlessly blending melody and bass to create his trap sound, T-Mass is a producer/DJ who has clearly mastered his art. His original music has lived up to the hype of his remixes, which isn’t always the case in the EDM world. You can find him on Soundcloud.

K Theory

This San-Francisco based group made up of Malcolm Anthony (vocals), Dylan Lewman (sampling, live conducting), and Dustin Musser (Keys, sampling) has made serious waves in the past year. They define their genre as “electronic hip-hop” but there’s something about their sound that still feels trap heavy. You can find them on Facebook and Soundcloud

Arman Cekin

Hailing from the Netherlands, Cekin frequently collaborates with other artists (including fellow artist from this list, T-Mass!) to release breathtaking tracks. The T-Mass and Arman Cekin remix of AlunaGeorge’s hit song “You Know You Like It” is, no contest, my favorite remix of the year so far. I’m really excited to hear more from him in the future.  You can find him on Facebook and Soundcloud.


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