Co-ords: Two Becomes One Thanks to Your New Summer Staple

Photo credit: Margaret Murphy

Photo credit: Margaret Murphy

Two weeks ago I celebrated my 25th birthday. Surrounded by friends both old and new, I savored the day by sitting outside at my favorite bar and sipping beer between fits of laughter. It was exactly the celebration I wanted. It was also the first day in a while that I received constant compliments about my outfit. This obviously prompted me to contemplate why, specifically, this look resonated with so many people.

After much evaluation, I concluded that it’s because of how amazingly easy to wear, versatile, and chic co-ords are. That’s when I realized that this is the only addition you need to make to your closet this summer!

Birthday celebrations at American Ice Co.

Birthday celebrations at American Ice Co.

The best part about this trend? There are so many different style options to choose from. Skirt and bra top; shorts and crop top; pants and jacket. It’s a way to add two cute and highly interchangeable items to your closet with just one outfit. Plus, sites like Nastygal, ASOS, and Reformation have super reasonably priced, adorable separates that will leave your wallet feeling plentiful even after you hit ‘purchase’.

Wearing brightly-colored or printed co-ords together is a cool, modern look, but it’s equally fun to mix and match them with other pieces. Pairing my printed midi-length skirt with a structured black crop was a great little brunch look. Wearing flats helped keep the overall feel casual, but paired with a pair of sky-high strappy sandals and a different necklace, this look could have easily translated to a summer cocktail party. It’s always great to buy an outfit that gives you a lot of wiggle room to experiment with what’s already hanging in your closet. You’ll find that you can get very creative!

When I purchased my outfit from ASOS, I knew I wanted something summery, light, and easy to wear that still made a statement. I fell in love with the pattern on this skirt and crop top; it sort of reminded me of 18th century Chinese porcelain. I’m not usually a huge advocate for prints, but a very chic print is ideal to make co-ords really stand out as a bold outfit choice. I would, however, recommend staying away from neon colors (you’ll look like a child) and bland earth-toned prints (you’ll look like a floor rug at grandma’s).

As you can probably tell from both photos in this post, I’m getting a lot of use out of my co-ord purchase already! I can’t wait to pair the crop top with a pair of high-waisted trousers for a night on the town this weekend, too.

If you love the look but can’t be bothered to search for an outfit, you can still purchase the crop top and skirt I wore on my b-day from ASOS! Click here for the top and click here for the bottom.

Ready to to explore the fabulous world of co-ords? Yes, yes you are! Check out all of the great looks available at these sites right now:



Pretty Little Thing

Saks Fifth Avenue

Happy shopping!



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