Turn Up Tuesdays Vol.16 Plus, The Best Sets From Ultra Music Festival 2015

Last Friday, I decided that the last two hours of my work day would be significantly more productive if I tuned in to the Ultra Music Festival live feed. While I do not regret the decision, it did give me a serious case of FOMO. As I watched the joyful crowd smiling and raving, I kept thinking to myself, “Damn, a year ago I was there. I was in that crowd with my four best friends dancing our troubles away like nothing else in the world mattered.”

I missed the feeling you can only experience when you’re in a sea of 50,000 people, each contributing to the harmonious energy of the entire crowd.

Listening to Ultra sets really put me in a festival state of mind, so when I was looking for tracks for this week’s playlist I wanted to find some upbeat jams in keeping with that lively spirit. This playlist starts off with a low-key tropical tune and evolves into more mainstream anthems. I’ve also included a couple of (in my opinion) the best sets from Ultra 2015. With one of the biggest music events in the world now in the rear view mirror, festival season really is upon us. Get into the vibe of it!




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